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On the Educause Openness Community Conversations

In my email today:
As co-leaders of the Educause Openness Constituency Group, we would like to introduce an idea, solicit feedback, and invite you to participate in a planning session for a series of community conversations about openness in higher education.

The idea is that each month the Openness CG will host a volunteer guest to present and discuss a topic of their choosing on openness in education. The topics could range from discussions about an initiative, an organisation  an idea, a new technology, a service, or just about anything else that would be relevant to the Openness CG membership.

We invite you to contribute your ideas to help shape this initiative. Please feel free to respond to this posting if you like and let us know what you think. We will also schedule a virtual meeting on Wednesday, January 24, from 4-5pm EST where we will give a quick overview of the idea, summarise any feedback and additional ideas that we have received, and listen to feedback. 

My thoughts. Inc…

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